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Here are my W A N T E D Miniatures

If you know where to find, please let me know

Remark: the pictures of this Miniatures I have found during browsing the WWW.

Some of them long time ago, so I can't remember where.

If you are the owner of the Miniature & picture and don't want to have it placed here for this reason, or if you want to have placed a copyright, please let me know, I will react saspo as you like it.

mentioned as an Aberlour filling

from 2005 / 2006 ?

found at whiskyauction.com

This miniature I found

browsing the great website of Alex Barclay.


Alas not longer on stock at the bottlers store,

who can help me to find this Mini for my collection?


2011 / July / 25

Also found on Alex Barclays website.


This filling shows unusualy 5 cl  and not 4.7 cl as all other square fillings.


If you have this for spare, please let me know.


2011 / July / 25 

Is this a fake or not a fake?


Who can help to answer this question?


This bottle shape

I know only of the over 9 yo.

The label I know only on a Sqaure bottle.



Miniature VOHM 12 yo
Miniature VOHM 12 yo



Alcohol %

are not printed on the label


not even a rare filling,

but I missed it :-(

There are a lot of different fillings like this for Italy,

this is: 

 - 8 YEAR (not YEARS) -

   (and not over 8 YEARS)

 - EST: 1828 (not 1845)

 - Gradi 50 °

   (with the °, there is a lable without the °)  

Label Code L/2628  L/0118





50ml  40%ALC/VOL

>> written on top of label !  

New Spirit


bottled in 2008 by Witfrance.com 

for La Maison du Whisky, Paris


sorry for just this small pic

& FOUND :-)

There are several (3) fillings by Blackadder,

this one I was looking for.


Now in collection,

thanks to Darek from Poland.

(Have a look to his graet site)