Links to useful sites for Whisky enthusiasts

The best German Whisky Forum in the net ;-) 

> mainly in German

Come and have a look . . .  and become a member,

it's free  . . .  you will have fun.


Das beste deutschsprachige Whisky Forum im www ;-)

Schau mal rein . . .  und werde Mitglied!

Das ist kostenlos und tut nicht weh,

bringt aber viel Spass!

Links to other collectors, part one > Miniatures collections

in order of appearing

Paul from NL,

collecting Whisky Miniatures around the world.

the collection of

Leon Theuws, NL

Jacky Drake from UK,

huge collection of Single Malt Whisky Miniatures,

collector of Famous Grouse Blended Whisky,

Author of the best compendium of SMW Miniatures.

Chris Rymer from UK,

huge collection of Whisky Miniatures,

also selling Miniatures via his web site.

Alexander Barclay from UK

Andrew Bain from UK,

collector of Glenfiddich Miniatures


Ben from UK,

Whisky Miniatures

Harry Krüger from Germany,

Johnny Walker entusiast,

collecting every thing about the striding gentleman

the collection of

Kazuo Yoshida, Japan

Nakai’s Mini Bottle Garden, Japan

the huge collection of Milos from Czech Republic

more than 2300 Single Malt Whisky MINIATURES

The collection of Taizo Shiratsuchi from Osaka, Japan

The expressive site of Patrick from France.

Huge collection of Miniatures (any kind),

lots of Links to related sites all over the world.

The Johnnie Walker Miniatures Collection

of Julio Montes from Guatemala.

Also Collector of Johnnie Walker regular fillings.

. . .   and last, but not least ;-)

my collection of SMW miniatures > none Aberlour

> most Miniatures are for sale,

please contact me if you are interested.