ABERLOUR is a registered trademark by Chivas Bros. > Pernod Ricard, France

Label & Design Changes from the 1950th until today

new Design 2010
new Design 2010

Commercial bottling outside UK, mainly in Italy,  started with this Bottle shape and label design in the early 1960th.

Filled as 8 yo, over 8 yo and over 9 yo 

also found as vintage bottlings from 1964 and 1965

still a square bottle,

but taller, label changed,

fillings 12 yo, as Pure Malt and as Single Malt.

This significant changes

of Bottle and label

came with the change of ownership to Pernod Ricard from France in 1975,

fillings as V.O.H.M with 10 yo and 12 yo.


The next significant change in 1985,

now the standard tall round bottle is used,

the so called "Towerhouse"-label appears,

the label shows Aberlour - Glenlivet,

fillings with 5 yo (for Italy only),

10 yo and 12 yo. 

Next change in 1990,

the towerhouse shows windows,

the tree has more branches,

in addition the Glenlivet

the slogan "The Mystery that is Aberlour" appears. 

Next change in 1993.

Now the towerhouse logo is coloured,

Glenlivet and "The Mystery..." disappeared.

the next change in 1997:

Now the logo is the

" St. Drostan's Well Stone"

An additinal small label shows the motto

of James Flemming

"Let the deed show"


just a slight change in 2007

the edge of the label has now

a more roman arch shape

with a more broader golden edge 

in contrast to the square shape before. 

Introduced in 1997

with the first release of an a'bunadh

this shape in kind of an old pharmacies bottle

will become the new standard bottle

for all (exept the 10 yo ) 700 / 750 ML - Aberlour fillings in future.

In Spring 2010,

the complete Aberlour range is redisigned,

this is the new 10 years old Standard filling

Some of the new disigned range in 2010
Some of the new disigned range in 2010